Thursday, June 30, 2011

My little slice of heaven

Alright, ya'll. Here is an update on our new place.

#1 I love it.
#2 I hate to leave it.
#3 It gets more and more perfect everyday - with every picture that is hung, every new piece of furniture that is assembled, every weed that is pulled and every flower that is planted.

I. Am. In. Heaven. I don't even like to leave in the morning to go to work...and I LOVE my job!

Any how, I thought I would post a couple more pictures to show our progress from when we moved in. Since it's been rainy and crappy out here lately the light quality isn't the best ever, but you get an idea of how lovely it might look if it were sunny and delicious outside.

Welcome to our home! We hope you enjoy the view!
Our last room was all in brown and beige. It has been nice that I was able to just paint and recover to make small adjustments that made a big difference in our room!

The sight I look forward to everyday
I wish I would have taken "before" pictures. Once these flowers all fill out, I will have the cutest little yard ever!
Oh yeah...that's right. I totally built that wall all by myself!
You can FINALLY see the table! :) I wish you could see how big this room really is. I can't get a good angle at all of this room. (Especially one with the blinds open so you can see how much natural light this room gets!

IKEA has helped add so much more space to our counters and pantry.
This rug hides this weird vent that seems to serve no purpose...except be creepy.

Love, love, LOVE my kitchen!


We have taken every little tiny thing in this room and made it different. I LOVE that my room is so unique!

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