Thursday, June 30, 2011

Bean Wreath

Before Mike and I ever moved into our place I have been browsing the web and searching through DIY blogs to find things to make our home be a unique, colorful reflection of our personalities and somewhere that we enjoy to be. On one such web surfing adventure, I came across this cute Lima bean wreath from one of my favorite blogs, All Things Thrifty.  Since I knew that mine was going to hang inside, I made mine a little smaller and so used smaller beans vs. Lima beans. I think it still turned out pretty cute, but then again...I am a little biased. ;)

Everything started out just fine. Styrofoam wreath from Joanne's, $5.99. 1 bag of North American beans from Sunflower market, $1.29. Hot glue sticks, $6.00. Ribbon from Dollar Tree, $1.

After several hours and 14 hot glue sticks, it was finally ready! so I spray painted it all white, (so that the beans were the same color as the styrofoam that showed through between beans) and hung it with some ribbon I found at the Dollar store - that matches PERFECTLY with my new room - and Voila!

Here is what it looks like hung up on the wall (with poor lighting):

Made them. Hung them. LOVE them!!

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