Thursday, June 30, 2011

Grocery Smarts

Alright...I will admit, when I am standing in the checkout line behind the crazy lady with 10,000 coupons I get pissed. I have no patience as it is, but when she is standing there for 45 minutes and I am waiting behind her to buy rootbeer that's getting warm and ice cream that is melting it doesn't help. That was, until I attended a Grocery Smarts class.

Kat Gibson was the instructor for my class and I learned so much from her I can't even believe it! She taught me all about organizing, planning, couponing, and saving tons and tons of money. Yes, please!

For those who are unfamiliar with Grocery Smarts, it is a free website started by some lady and her husband in order to catalogue the Sunday grocery ads and link them to corresponding coupons in order for you to "stack" your deals and get everything for the lowest price possible. The class was free, the website is free, AND I will save tons of money?? Double yes!

I won't go into the whole shpeal, but trust me when I say it is definitely worth your time to look into. I strongly, strongly encourage my friends and family to check out her Facebook page for more information on how to get started, how save your family and yourself tons of money and time, and how you can host a class to share the information with your family and friends.

All of a sudden, that coupon lady in front of me doesn't seem so crazy afterall....

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