Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Super Yummy Queso

This weekend we had an impromptu Fiesta at mi casa.
Our amigos were headed over, (as is customary for Friday evenings) and we had just picked up some delicious tamales and salsa from our favorite Maria in the world. (Learning how to make her delicious tamales is on my to-do list...I'll let you know how that works out). We decided that we also needed some queso, and since the boys had been requesting this ever since the last time I made it, into the crock pot went:
  • 1 big brick of Velveeta cheese - cubed
    (the spicy kind is best, but I have yet to find it in the larger bricks)
  • 1 can vegetarian chili (or not...depending on your preference of course)
  • 1 can black beans - drained (good protein and iron!)
  • 2 cans mexican style stewed tomatoes - drained
  • 1 small can jalapenos - drained
Heat in Crockpot (on high), stirring often, until the cheese has melted into a delicious gooey goodness.

Congratulations! You have successfully made the most delicious/easiest queso dip ever. Time to strike up the Mariachi band and Salsa your way over to the chip table.

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