Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Egg Muffins

Saturday mornings are always hard in that we normally have a couple extra mouths to feed.

#1. It's Saturday, I don't want you to always expect that I am going to cook something. I am not your mother. You know where the Apple Jacks are.

#2. Giving up and just going out to eat is much more convenient - just not always cost-effective.

This week I made some vegetarian-friendly egg "muffins" with my mini-cupcake maker. ( I will use just about any excuse to use that thing!) All I did was break a bunch of cage-free, vegetarian fed chicken eggs into a bowl. I mixed in the things I would normally mix into scrambled eggs; salt, pepper, cholula, chopped jalapenos, little tiny pieces of cooked Morningstar farms breakfast sausages. Delish!

I poured some of my scrambled egg goop into each of the tiny greased tins. After they had cooked allt he way through, I sliced pieces of cheese and put them on top. (LOTS of cheese, as you can see...we love our chees!) I put them in the microwave for a couple more seconds to get the cheese good and melty.

It was AWESOME. Clean-up was a breeze. No sticky pans, no dirty forks and plates left all over in the living room. They brought the plateful of "muffins" on the coffee table (with the cholula sauce of course) and just popped them in their mouths like they were candies while they played Xbox.

Another win for me!

This view gives the impression that we had a little bit of egg with all our cheese, but they sure were good!

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