Thursday, August 11, 2011

Houndstooth Heaven

When I planned on re-doing my family room (more just doing it in the first place...I couldn't re-do something that had never been done to begin with) I had all these visions of my favorite things: Color, texture, and HOUNDSTOOTH. My couple trips to Joanne's proved to be unsuccessful, as the worker I spoke with on several occasions let me know that they only carried houndstooth print in the heavy duty upholstery fabric that was far too scratchy for couch pillows. I went with my second favorite pattern, french damask.   
My sweetie can never know this, but I secretly grew annoyed of the pillows that I made for the family room. I LOVE French Damask, but they were just so stinking loud with the different colors and the fading...not to mention the difficulty I had in getting the particular fabric I had purchased to stop fraying. The seams were a hot mess and anyone with any sewing ability at all would have seen what a less-than-desirable job I had done.

Fast forward a month. I'm at Joanne's to buy a few things for a different project. I see there is a sale on fabric quarters, so I meander on that way. What to my wandering eyes should appear? Oh, only the answer to my prayers. White. Chocolate. Houndstooth.   Needless to say, I am in heaven.

Bought my fabric. Waited for my sweetie to be away from the house, then quickly re-covered the pillows and put them back on the couch as if nothing had happened. When he finally got around to noticing (it takes him a few days sometimes) he asked what happened to the other pillows. I didn't dare tell him that I hated my old pillows (he told me that I would and I don't like to point out when he's right) so I just told him that I finally found the fabric I originally wanted.

I must say, I am quite pleased with the results.

Less busy. Nice and houndstooth-ish. Just the way I like it.

My new pillows being modeled by Toby.

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