Tuesday, September 13, 2011

More love to Pinterest!!

For those who dont' know how much I love Pinterest...well....I do. That is all. It's Aaahhhhmazing. It's a way to record cool things you find while browsing the internet. If you're browsing recipes you want to try or Christmas presents to buy you "pin" them to your board so that later you can go back and browse through all of your things. It's kind of like saving things to your "Favorites" in that it saves the original source of the item, so going back to the exact page on an exact website is a breeze! Plus, everything you pin is categorized amongst your boards. For example, I have a board full of pinned recipes I want to try. I have a board of things I want to buy/make with my nephews. I have a board for my imaginary-future-wedding. All great things to come back to when I need to reference a specific item!

Also, other people can see the things that you "pin" so it's a great way to share ideas, recipes, cool blogs, etc.  You can choose to follow certain pinterest members or just specific boards that they have. (If you are only interested in, say, the cool DIY crafts board they have, or a board full of crock pot recipes) 

Here are a couple of things that I found, tried, and loved thanks to Pinterest:

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Happy Pinning!

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