Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Accio Cupcakes!

Ok, ok, O.K.!              I admit it!               I LOVE HARRY POTTER!  Like...a lot...
It's been more than just a book series to me. I began reading Harry Potter when I was 12 years old. Harry Potter and I basically grew up together.

Ok...this post is getting weird. The reason I even bring this up, is because for the release of the last and final Harry Potter (or, as us nerds refer to it as HP 7.2) we felt it necessary to have a P-A-R-T-Y! (Not that it takes a lot for me to find an excuse...)

Here is a picture of my favorite treat from our Potter party.

Couldron Cupcakes:

Ok, so here is how you make these delicious little treats.

You make your cupcake mix, as usual, but when you fill the cupcake pan with the batter, put a large marshmallow in the center. This will make it bubble up. While it's cooling, make sure you press it down to make a crater.

Then make some vanilla pudding and dye it green (or purple, or pink...whatever color you want your magic potion to be). Pour the pudding in the little marshmallow cup. The marshmallow will do two things (besides be delicious) 1: make it so that the pudding doesn't soak into the cupcakes and make them soggy and 2: Helps it look more like a couldron of bubbly potion.


We MIGHT like Harry Potter a little too much.

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