Tuesday, February 14, 2012

DI treasures!

The other week my friend Christine and I went for a little shopping spree at the DI. OK - several DI's. We found a TON of super awesome stuff, including two chairs that looked like this:

(You can see the panel of the other chair in the background)

Yuck - this chair must have been stored in a garage or attic for a very long time

Crushed velvet - yikes!

They weren't exactly easy on the eyes as they were, but they had "good bones" and could easily be made into something beautiful, and add that extra little bit of color I was looking to incorporate into my kitchen/dining room area. As much as I love red in my kitchen (clearly), the disgusting, stained, crappy crushed velvet just had to go! The fabric smelled like old, musty cigarette smoke and dust. The wood, once it was wiped down with a water/vinegar mixture didn't look or smell bad at all.

Since I don't have a garage or other covered area, I will have to wait until it gets warmer and drier outside so that I can spray paint the wood part of the chairs. Luckily, this will give me a little more time to decide on a color.

In the meantime, this mini-facelift has been more than enough to make me fall in love!

Chairs: $15 each
2 yards of fabric from Joanne's: $11
Not too bad, if you ask me. Not too bad at all!

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